Invitation to a best practice session “Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe” at the IABA-Europe Conference in London, June 2017


We would like to invite the participants of the IABA “Europe and New Media” at King’s College who also lecture life writing texts to take part in a best teaching practice session during the conference. 

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Women & Water in Global Literature



This is a call for expressions of interest for contributing chapters to an edited volume, provisionally entitled Women and Water: Exploring Global Portrayals of the Feminine. The project has been inspired by the proposing co-editors’ observations of the frequency of these tropes of liquidity in their own individual work on women’s writing from Hispanic and Francophone cultures, and by the fact that there is no existing volume that explores their place in world literature by and/or about women.


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Cfp: New and Unusual Ways of Writing Lives


I am in the process of putting together a proposed book titled New and Unusual Ways of Writing Lives. This is an edited collection that aims at being a “how to” book for students and teachers and interested practitioners, and a guide for use in higher education.

Currently I am seeking a number of academics and professional practioners in the field who might like to send me an abstract for consideration for inclusion in the book.



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Unhinging the National Framework: New Developments in Transnational Life-Writing. Amsterdam, VU University, Friday, 9 December 9.30 – 15.00


Scholars from various disciplines will present their research on the lives of men and women whose work and networks questioned and transgressed 20th century’s national boundaries. Jointly the senior and junior researchers will show how these life-stories add new, transnational perspectives to the entangled histories of the 20th century, and may work as leverage instruments to unhinge methodological nationalism and colonial determinism.



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Europe and Refugees: Transformed Together


The refugee crisis facing Europe involves millions of people in dangerous forms of transit. Displaced, dispossessed and traumatised, refugees leave behind lives they know to face uncertain futures. Media reports refer to ‘waves’ of people arriving: in this sea of troubles, many have stories to tell. 

From a life writing perspective, these stories raise urgent questions.

What forms of listening are meaningful to those telling? What pressures on identity do refugee experiences foreground? What influences affect refugee stories – often shaped in relation to digital impressions about destinations - and what must refugees navigate in order to reach safety? What languages, literal and figurative, affect their transition from one life to another? How can the academic community help narratives and personal accounts from becoming stereotypes? How does the verbal and visual language around refugees contribute to their difficulties?

The European Journal of Life Writing invites anybody currently working with refugees or on projects that involve stories of escape and migration, or anybody interested in such initiatives to share ideas and experiences concerning refugee life writing.


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Biography Fellowships for 2016-2017


The Leon Levy Center for Biography offers four resident fellowships at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) for the academic year beginning each September. Awards include writing space, full access to research facilities, and a stipend of $60,000. Application deadline: December 15, 2015.

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Call for Papers: The Mother-in-Law Experience


We are calling for papers for consideration for a proposed new book, an edited collection, with the working title The Mother-in-Law Experience.

This book will take a life writing perspective, and explore the mother-in-law experience from various aspects, drawing accounts of the experience from creative nonfiction literature, letters, diaries, and personal or vicarious experience.

Topics for papers might include, amongst other possibilities:

  • Concepts and representations of the mother-in-law experience: in letters and diaries, and literature relating to life writing.

  • Experience: personal experience or that which has been experienced vicariously; e.g. either the writer’s own first-hand experience, or experience that is known to the writer from friends or relatives, or that  has been overheard by the writer or others and retold to the writer, or that has been recollected, or that which is known of locally.

  • Life writing perspectives, and other topics relating to life writing—theoretical, critical, scholarly, or creative matters—and including stories of the nice and the nasties, the wonderful and/or the angst of having or having had, or of being or having been, a mother-in-law. 

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Forum for Life Writing Research, University of Münster


Forum for Life Writing Research

Forum für Autobiographieforschung

Forum voor Autobiografie onderzoek

Initiated by scholars from German Studies, Dutch Studies, and American Studies and bringing together autobiography researchers from several disciplines and across languages, the trilingual Forum for Life Writing Research was launched at the University of Münster on July 1, 2015.

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Voices from the Greek Crisis


Letter from an editor

The Greek socio-economic crisis, now in its fifth year, has become more acute with the collapse of discussions between the troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and the Syriza government, and the calling of a referendum. In concluding my keynote lecture "Life Writing 'from Below' in Europe", at the 4th IABA Europe conference in Madeira in May, I noted that one constant theme of such writing had been the demand that hitherto unvoiced experiences be heard by society, in defiance of discourses which belittled and denigrated those on the margins. By telling truths about a way of life unknown to a wider world, these authors hoped to receive a sympathetic understanding, and perhaps achieve social justice. That need continues today. I cited the ATD-4th World project "The Roles We Play", which explores the roles played by those living in poverty within their families, communities and society at large, so as to highlight their efforts, validate their achievements and challenge the negative attitudes often held towards vulnerable and excluded families (see

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1st Conference of the European Labour History Network (ELHN)


Workshop : Worker's Writing in Europe (19th-20th centuries)  

14 – 16 December 2015, Torino/Turin (Italy)

 A contribution to the cultural history of the worlds of work

Call for Papers

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Call for Papers: Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe


Life writing courses, which study life writing texts as primary texts instead of secondary source material, are less common at European universities than at North American universities, arguably with the exception of Great Britain. Also, other than in the United States, where Miriam Fuchs and Craig Howes published their excellent and insightful Teaching Life Writing Texts (2007), there is no European source book on the subject of teaching life writing. In order to bring together experiences in the field of teaching life writing at European universities, share experiences and offer advice, we welcome articles that focus on curricula, syllabi and experiences with teaching life writing to university students. What was the aim of your class, how did students react to the curriculum, and how did your class fit into the bachelors or masters programme of your faculty? What difficulties did you encounter establishing a life writing class, and how did your colleagues react to your course?

Please submit your article in English, with an abstract both in English and in your first language, and a short biographical note to Monica Soeting at Please include your institutional affiliation and email address.


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Revised deadline for proposals: 1 February 2015

Please note that the deadline for paper proposals for the fourth IABA Europe Conference,  "Dialogical Dimensions in Narrating Lives and Life Writing", which will take place on 27, 28 and  29 May 2015 in Funchal, Madeira, has been brought forward to 1 February 2015 (previously 30 March 2015).

Notifications of acceptance will be sent by Monday 2 March.

Please send your abstract (max 300 words) and a short CV to:


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The University of Wisconsin Press is pleased to announce the publication of:

Life Narratives and Human Rights

edited by Meg Jensen and Margaretta Jolly
foreword by Mary Robinson

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Call for Papers: Auto/Biographies of Politicians in Modern European History to be published in the European Journal of Life Writing


Politicians all over Europe used and use to write about their lives. Classical autobiographies written by politicians themselves (and their co-authors or ghost-writers) are published widely. Often the autobiographers intend to contribute to political and historical analyses. Life writing has changed and diversified rapidly during the 20th century, taking place not only in hard copy, but in many different media, like radio, film, television, blogs, and other new social media. So it seems a good moment to look how the genre of autobiography of politicians has changed during the 20th century.

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The Biographers’ Club Tony Lothian Prize 2014


The £2,000 Tony Lothian Prize (sponsored by her daughter, Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch) supports uncommissioned first-time writers working on a biography.

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Carl Bode-Norman Holmes Pearson Prize Honoree, Prof. Dr. Alfred Hornung, 2013


The American Studies Association of the United States awarded the 2013 Carl Bode-Norman Holmes Pearson Prize for Outstanding Contributions to American Studies to Professor Alfred Hornung. He is only the second non-American to win the prize since its inception. The Bode-Pearson Prize, established in 1975, is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards in American Studies. The prize is awarded periodically at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association and includes lifetime membership in the ASA for the recipient. The prize is awarded to an individual for a lifetime of achievement and service within the field of American Studies. Former recipients of the Prize include Donald Pease (Dartmouth College), Janice Radway (Northwestern University), Sacvan Bercovitch (Harvard University), Henry Nash Smith (University of California in Berkeley) and the Mexican American author and critic Gloria Anzaldúa. Professor Hornung received the Prize on November 22, 2013, in Washington, D.C.


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New Publication by Member


Carsten Heinze, Alfred Hornung (eds.): Media and (Auto-) Biographical Expressions

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New articles added to Vol. II

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Second Volume of European Journal of Life Writing


Dear Reader,

The editors of the European Journal of Life Writing are proud to present the second volume of EJLW.

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The Biographers’ Club Tony Lothian Prize 2013


The £2,000 Tony Lothian Prize (sponsored by her daughter, Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch) supports uncommissioned first-time writers working on a biography.



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Cinema & Autobiography


Association pour l'autobiographie et le Patrimoine Autobiographique (APA) The French organisation APA has an energetic programme of events about autobiography.


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European Social Science History Conference 2014: Oral History and Life Stories

Call for Papers  
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