Second Volume of European Journal of Life Writing

This second volume opens with an introduction to a cluster on "Life Writing Trajectories in Post-1989 Eastern Europe", initiated by Leena Kurvet-Käosaar and edited by her and Ioana Luca. The lines of inquiry that are suggested here will be drawn and redrawn by further contributions. This cluster is meant as a first step towards and an invitation to an engaged critical discussion of the numerous life writing trajectories present in post-1989 Eastern Europe. We do invite submissions as well as references to national scholarship  in the attempt to make the Eastern European presence in life writing more visible. We believe that The European Journal of Life Writing provides the ideal format for an ongoing and open ended discussion as well as a sharing of bibliographies to which all interested scholars in the field are invited to contribute. The first two articles in this cluster have been written by Alfred Hornung and Gabriele Linke; more articles will be added during this calendar year. You will find three other articles in this first publication of the second volume : Franziska Gygax’s ‘Life Writing on being Ill in Britain and the US’ and in the Creative Section ‘Hunting Captain Henley’ by Kenneth Pratt, and ‘Absent Without Leave’ by Susan Bradley Smith. More articles on Life Writing will be added during this calendar year. As always, we invite submissions of scholarly articles, creative autobiographical writing, multimedia texts as well as proposals of special clusters.

The Editors