Call for Papers: The Mother-in-Law Experience

Papers should be 1.5 spaced, written in Times New Roman point 12, use M.L.A. style (7th edition), and be no longer than  6000 words in total, not including notes and lists of works cited.

When submitting, potential contributors should also send their full name, and their affiliation or name of organisation, or professional experience (e.g. practitioner of life writing)  

Papers should be forwarded to: 

Jo Parnell

Monica Soeting 

Deadline for papers: 28 February, 2016. 

Editors, compilers:

Dr Jo Parnell, Conjoint Fellow, Faculty of Education and the Arts, School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle, Australia. 

Dr Monica Soeting, VU University Amsterdam, and journal manager of the European Journal of Life Writing;