Invitation to a best practice session “Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe” at the IABA-Europe Conference in London, June 2017

With the ultimate aim of encouraging further discussion about the application in teaching of scholarly insights into life writing as well as generating contributions to the teaching section within the European Journal of Life Writing, we would like to facilitate an informal discussion about the teaching of auto/biographical texts at undergraduate level at university, in secondary schools, adult education programmes, book clubs and community centres, or in online learning environments. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • examples of texts and/ or topics that lend themselves for classroom discussion particularly well;
  • cultural differences between students’ responses to life writing forms;
  • the pros and cons of incorporating creative writing in (life writing) courses;
  • the question of how to theorise life writing;
  • the suspicion with which some readers approach life writing texts, especially those with a positivist attitude, who expect biography to always abide by the rules of historical research;
  • the intermediality of life writing and how to deal with it methodologically;
  • the digitalisation of teaching in the field of life writing.

If you would like to share your teaching experiences with other conference speakers, please send an e-mail to Dennis Kersten ( before 12 May 2017, indicating which of the topics above you would like to discuss.