Call for Papers—IABA Europe Conference 2019 Knowing the Self: Auto/Biographical Narratives and the History of Knowledge

We welcome proposals for individual papers, full panels, workshops and round tables, which address such themes as: 

* The multiple interrelations between historically and culturally diverse fields and forms of knowledge and life writing, the ways in which auto/biographical works adopt, strengthen, question, negotiate, challenge, contest, or anticipate intellectual tendencies, theoretical positions, and epistemic orders of their time;

* Life narratives as counter-stories: contesting legitimate knowledge 

* History of academic/expert autobiographies and the interferences, repercussions, and demarcations between professional/theoretical and autobiographical writing

* History of auto/biographies of academics, thinkers, and experts, biographical approaches to the histories of science and scholarship

* The internet and the private/public self: digital narratives of testimony, blogs, intermediality

* Auto/biographical writing as source of historical, social, and cultural knowledge, and as generative tool in the production of such knowledge; forms of self-inscription in academic/professional writing

* New disciplines: corpus building, enhancing empirical language and ageing research from a multidisciplinary perspective; compilations of authentic samples of language/multimodal data covering life narratives, ageing and language issues

* The role of first-person writing in the development of disciplines, e.g. “field diaries,” auto-ethnographic and “egohistorical” accounts, scientific travelogues

* Trauma/illness studies and life writing: Scriptotherapy, Medical Humanities and auto/biography: caregiving and caretaking, suffering and resilience, illness experience to explore the self, life stories for physicians to understand the patients’ clinical history

* Epistemic contexts of specific auto/biographical forms, styles, and rhetoric; connections between life writing techniques and technologies of specific disciplines, between auto/biographical and scholarly discourse; theoretical, methodological and practical interrelations between specific disciplines and life narratives

* Life writing and affect: emotions, theory, practice

* Knowledge and authority constructions in life writing; “knowledge communities,” questions of power and speaking positions in life writing

* experimental forms of life writing: innovative poetics of the self

Conference languages: English and Spanish Suggested formats: - Individual papers (abstract max. 300 words) - Full panel (90-minutes slot, 3 participants including chair, abstract max. 900 words) - Round Table (90 minutes slot, 3/4 participants, abstract max. 900 words) - Workshops (90 minutes slot, 3/4 participants, abstract max. 900 words)

Deadline for proposals: 28 January 2019 Notification of acceptance: 22 February 2019 Conference Fees:



Deadline for Late Bird registration is June 10th. Conference website:

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