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Beyond Endings. Past Tenses and Future Imaginaries


This international conference, organised by the Forum for Life Writing Research at the University of Münster, Germany, will take place from September 26th - September 28th, 2018. 

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Vol 7 (2018)

Table of Contents


How the Reader Matters. Autobiographies of Childhood for Young Readers PDF HTML
Helma Van Lierop 1-16
"I face a dark future". Letters from the Leprosy Archives, Bergen PDF HTML
Marie-Theres Federhofer 17-33
“Let me tell you my life in a song” On Autobiography and Begging in Broadside Ballads of the Blind PDF HTML
Karin Strand 34-52
"I have such sad news": Loss in Finnish North American Letters PDF HTML
Samira Saramo 53-71
“I am she who does not speak about herself”: The Impersonal Autobiography PDF HTML
Valérie Baisnée 72-89
“Written barracks.” On the Production and Circulation of Newsletters in the Internment Camps of Southwest France PDF HTML
Guadalupe Adámez Castro 90-110

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe, Part II PDF HTML
Dennis Kersten, Anne-Marie Mreijen, Yvonne Delhey TL1-TL2
Conceptual Impasses: Strategies for Supporting Students in Life Narrative Courses PDF HTML
Laurie McNeill TL3-TL10
Complicating the Obvious: Teaching Life Writing at the University of Salzburg PDF HTML
Sarah Herbe TL11-TL14
Teaching Life as Story PDF HTML
Jane McVeigh TL15-TL28
Teaching Wikipedia Biography: An Experiment in Public History PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman TL29-TL43

Life Writing "from Below" in Europe

Life Writing "from Below" in Europe: Introduction PDF HTML
T. G. Ashplant LWFB1-LWFB9
Life Writing “from Below” in Europe: Authors, Archives, Avenues, Arenas PDF HTML
T. G. Ashplant LWFB10-LWFB48
Unlikely Documents? Exploring Finnish Nineteenth-Century Life Writing From Below PDF HTML
Anna Kuismin LWFB49-LWFB66
Life Writing from Below in France PDF HTML
Nathalie Ponsard LWFB67-LWFB79
Prison Letters: Spain Confronts Its Past PDF HTML
Martyn Lyons LWFB80-LWFB87

Creative Matters

Strong Room: Material Memories and the Digital Record PDF HTML
Jane Wildgoose, Roelof Bakker C1-C16

Reviews and Reports

Kenneth Womack’s Maximum Volume. The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin. The Early Years, 1926–1966 PDF HTML
Dennis Kersten R1-R5
Hisham Matar. The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between PDF HTML
Clare Brant R6-R8
Guadalupe Adámez Castro, Gritos de papel: las cartas de súplica del exilio español (1939–1945), Fabien Deshayes and Axel Pohn-Weidinger, L’Amour en Guerre: Sur les traces d’une correspondance Paris-Algérie, 1960–1962 PDF HTML
Martyn Lyons R9-R20
Sarah Herbe and Gabriele Linke (eds.). British Autobiography in the 20th and 21st Centuries PDF HTML
Jerome Boyd Maunsell R21-R26
Lucia Boldrini and Julia Novak, Experiments in Life-Writing: Intersections of Auto/Biography and Fiction PDF HTML
Patrick Hayes R27-R31
Sidonie Smith & Julia Watson, Life Writing in the Long Run PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman R32-R34
Jolande Withuis, Raadselvader. Kind in de Koude Oorlog (Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 2018, 254 pp., ISBN 9789403106007). PDF HTML
Anneke Ribberink R35-R40