Vol 6 (2017)


Table of Contents


Reassembling Documents of Life in the Archive PDF HTML
Maria Tamboukou 1-19
Finding a Tongue: Autobiography Beyond Definition PDF HTML
Juliane Prade-Weiss 20-39
Exploring the Nature of the Dialogical Self: The Young Widow Memoir PDF HTML
Katrin Den Elzen 40-61
Coming to One's Senses: Diaries and the Materiality of Mourning in Sophie Calle's Rachel, Monique PDF HTML
Sonia Catherine Wilson 62-86
Recent Zones of Portraiture: The Selfie PDF HTML
Teresa Bruś 87-100
Tiny Symbols Tell Big Stories. Naming and Concealing Masturbation in Diaries (1660-1940) PDF HTML
Leonieke Vermeer 101-134
The Spaces of Citizenship: Mapping Personal and Colonial Histories in Contemporary Italy in Igiaba Scego’s La Mia Casa È Dove Sono (My Home is Where I Am) PDF HTML
Eleanor Paynter 135-153
Ethics and Dialogue in Autobiography: The Cases of Vitomil Zupan and Lojze Kovačič PDF HTML
Andreas Leben 154-173
To Leave Your Kindred and Your Father’s House. Contemporary Dutch Christian Border Narratives PDF HTML
Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar, Krina Huisman 174-196
“A woman should not be so cheap” The Prostitute as a Constructed Other in Estonian Post-Soviet Life Stories PDF HTML
Riikka Taavetti 197-217
Salt Fish and Molasses: Unsettling the Palate in the Spaces Between Two Continents PDF HTML
Gina Snooks, Sonja Boon 218-241
“Distinguished Ladies” and the Doctrine of Womanhood: Auto-surveillance and Autoperformance in Diamela Eltit’s E. Luminata PDF HTML
Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle 242-261

Creative Matters

Bill: A Portrait of Discontinuties PDF HTML
Arthur Halliday C1-C10

Reviews and Reports

Moscow Interdisciplinary Conference on Autobiography PDF HTML
Thomas Rollings R1-R5
Arbeit ist das halbe Leben… PDF HTML
Sarah Herbe R6-R12
The Diary of Heinrich Witt PDF HTML
Angelika Schaser R13-R19
Dear Diary: A Celebration of Diaries and their Digital Descendants. The Dear Diary exhibition, King’s College London, 2017 PDF HTML
Rozemarijn Van de Wal R20-R27