Vol 3 (2014)


Table of Contents


Speaking the Self, Narratives on Srebrenica PDF HTML
Odile Heynders 1-22
When “Mixing Memory and Desire”: Imaginative Revisions and the Productive Power of Nostalgia in Rebecca Brown’s Oughtabiographies PDF HTML
Lies Xhonneux 23-43
Early Russian Autobiography: Old Texts, New Readings PDF HTML
Yury Zaretskiy 44-62
A Threefold Hybridity. Picturebook art fantasies as life writing PDF HTML
Ingrid van der Heyden, Helma van Lierop 63-81
Identity and Writing in the Diaries of Plath and Woolf: Defining, Abjectifying, and Recovering the Self PDF HTML
Christie Mills Jeansonne 82-102
Thieving Facts and Reconstructing Katherine Mansfield’s Life in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s Thieves PDF HTML
Monica Latham 103-120
Achieving a Shared Understanding of Life. Artists’ reflections on their constructions of the past and the self in traumatic and nostalgic autobiographical picturebooks PDF HTML
Marloes Schrijvers 121-154

Creative Matters

Love Plus Anarchy PDF HTML
Heathcote Williams C1-C54
How I Lost My Memory and Never Got It Back PDF HTML
Domnica Radulescu C55-C59
1969: Stories into Music PDF HTML
Andrew Kupfer C60-C70
Am I Doing the Right Thing? PDF HTML
Maurizio Ascari C71-C86
Literary (Creative Nonfiction) Docu-Memoir: A Different Way of Writing a Life PDF HTML
Jo (Joan-) Annette Parnell C87-C104

Life Writing Trajectories in Post-1989 Eastern Europe

Bibliography PDF HTML
Ioana Luca, Leena Kurvet-Käosaar Ti-Txvi
Deportation, Memory and the Self in Dalia Grinkevičiūtė’s Memoirs A Stolen Youth, A Stolen Homeland and Lithuanians by the Laptev Sea PDF HTML
Audrone Raskauskiene T1-T10
Narratives of Survival and the Politics of Memory PDF HTML
Vieda Skultans T11-T25

Reviews and Reports

Writing the Lives of the Poor PDF HTML
Timothy Ashplant R1-R6
Review Authorized Biography Angela Merkel PDF HTML
Marieke Oprel R7-R11

Beyond the Subject. Vienna Conference Papers

Introduction to "Beyond the Subject. New Developments in Life Writing." PDF HTML
Tobias Heinrich, Monica Soeting VCi-VCiii
“Thou liv’st to all that Read”: Reading the Paratext of William Cartwright’s Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, With other Poems (1651) as Early Modern Life Writing PDF HTML
Sarah Herbe VC1-VC18
Illness Narrative and Self-Help Culture – Self-Help Writing on Age-Related Infertility PDF HTML
Anita Wohlmann VC19-VC41
The Online Self: Memory and Forgetting in the Digital Age PDF HTML
Gunnthorunn Gudmundsdottir VC42-VC54
Documenting Diaspora: Multiperspectivity in Sandhya Suri's Auto/Biographical Film "I for India" PDF HTML
Gabriele M. Linke VC55-VC74
Patrimony, Solitude and Obligation: Prodigal Sons and Absent Fathers PDF HTML
Isabel Duran Gimenez-Rico VC75-VC99
Communicative Identity in the Eighteenth Century; Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim's Epistolary Network and the Cult of Friendship PDF HTML
Tobias Heinrich VC100-VC122