Vol 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


Writing European Lives. Stefan Zweig as a Biographer of Verhaeren, Rolland and Erasmus PDF HTML
Marleen Rensen 1-29
How Do Diaries Begin? The Narrative Rites of Adolescent Diaries in Hungary PDF HTML
Gergely Kunt 30-55
“I did not mean to make away with the child, I did not know what I was about”: Autobiographical Traces of Infanticide in Eighteenth-Century Trial Records PDF HTML
Sonja Boon 56-76

Beyond the Subject. Vienna Conference Papers

Beyond the Subject. New Developments in Life Writing PDF HTML
Tobias Heinrich, Monica Soeting VCi-VCiii
From Diaries to Blogs: Cultural and Political Networking in Russian Autobiographical Practice. PDF HTML
Tatiana Saburova, Natalia Rodigina VC1-VC16
I Problems; Blindness and Autobiography PDF HTML
Dennis Schep VC17-VC35
Eschewing the First Person: Post-Subjective Autobiography in Hubert Fichte and his Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit / History of Sensitivity PDF HTML
Robert Gillett VC37-VC55
Beyond the Subject: Anglo-American Slave Narratives in the Netherlands, 1789-2013 PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman VC56-VC84
Celebrity, Scriptedness and Alleged Sexual Violence in Ghost-Written Autobiographies by Julian Assange and Samantha Geimer PDF HTML
Edward Saunders VC85-VC107
Re-imagining a Nation: The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online PDF HTML
Paul Longley Arthur VC108-VC124

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe PDF HTML
Dennis Kersten, Anne-Marie Mreijen TLi-TLiii
Memory to Ink: Autobiography Project in Portugal PDF HTML
Marilyn S Zucker TL1-TL12
A Postcolonial Education: Using End of Empire Autobiographies to Introduce Postcolonial Studies PDF HTML
Astrid Rasch TL13-TL22

Creative Matters

‘Dozens who thought they knew her’: Finding Vivian Maier? PDF HTML
Clare Brant C1-C6
Waving at Soldiers PDF HTML
Heather Richardson C7-C18
Skin Stories & Skin Portraits PDF HTML
Tanny Dobbelaar C19-C34
Romania by Taxi. A Play. PDF HTML
Domnica Radulescu C35-C60

Reviews and Reports

‘Inaccurate but Truthful’: Q&A with Screenwriter Peter Morgan PDF HTML
Julia Lajta-Novak, Werner Huber R1-R15
Europe’s Treasure Hunters. The Founding of a Network of European Diary Archives and Collections PDF HTML
Philippe Lejeune R16-R18
Life Writing in the Netherlands PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman R19-R26
Review of Mapping the 'I' PDF HTML
Sarah Herbe R27-R30
Voices from the Greek crisis PDF HTML
Timothy George Ashplant R31-R33