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Vol 4 (2015) Skin Stories & Skin Portraits Abstract   PDF   HTML
Tanny Dobbelaar
Vol 5 (2016): EJLW Small Talk Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marjorie Kanter
Vol 1 (2012): EJLW Sonnets for a City on a Hill Abstract   Full text   PDF
Paul Scott Derrick
Vol 3 (2014): EJLW Speaking the Self, Narratives on Srebrenica Abstract   PDF   HTML
Odile Heynders
Vol 4 (2015) Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe Abstract   PDF   HTML
Dennis Kersten, Anne-Marie Mreijen
Vol 6 (2017): EJLW The Diary of Heinrich Witt Abstract   PDF   HTML
Angelika Schaser
Vol 1 (2012): EJLW The Houses That Cried Abstract   Full text   PDF
Jo (Joan-) Annette Parnell
Vol 5 (2016): EJLW "The Literary Interview as Autobiography" Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jerome Boyd Maunsell
Vol 3 (2014): EJLW The Online Self: Memory and Forgetting in the Digital Age Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gunnthorunn Gudmundsdottir
Vol 5 (2016): EJLW The Socialist New Woman Redux: Hella Wuolijoki’s Life Writing in the 1940s Abstract   PDF   HTML
Katarina Leppänen
Vol 6 (2017): EJLW The Spaces of Citizenship: Mapping Personal and Colonial Histories in Contemporary Italy in Igiaba Scego’s La Mia Casa È Dove Sono (My Home is Where I Am) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Eleanor Paynter
Vol 5 (2016): EJLW The Stranger in the Self. Hofmannsthal’s Relationship to Jewishness Abstract   PDF   HTML
David Österle
Vol 3 (2014): EJLW Thieving Facts and Reconstructing Katherine Mansfield’s Life in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s Thieves Abstract   PDF   HTML
Monica Latham
Vol 6 (2017): EJLW Tiny symbols tell big stories. Naming and concealing masturbation in diaries (1660-1940) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Leonieke Vermeer
Vol 1 (2012): EJLW Truth and the Novel Abstract   Full text   PDF
Merilyn Moos
Vol 5 (2016): EJLW Understanding Literary Diatexts: Approaching the Archive of Richmal Crompton, the Creator of ‘Just William’ Stories Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jane McVeigh
Vol 4 (2015) Voices from the Greek crisis Abstract   PDF   HTML
Timothy George Ashplant
Vol 4 (2015) Waving at Soldiers Abstract   PDF   HTML
Heather Richardson
Vol 3 (2014): EJLW When “Mixing Memory and Desire”: Imaginative Revisions and the Productive Power of Nostalgia in Rebecca Brown’s Oughtabiographies Abstract   PDF   HTML
Lies Xhonneux
Vol 4 (2015) Writing European Lives. Stefan Zweig as a Biographer of Verhaeren, Rolland and Erasmus Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marleen Rensen
Vol 3 (2014): EJLW Writing the Lives of the Poor Abstract   PDF   HTML
Timothy Ashplant
Vol 4 (2015) ‘Dozens who thought they knew her’: Finding Vivian Maier? Abstract   PDF   HTML
Clare Brant
Vol 4 (2015) ‘Inaccurate but Truthful’: Q&A with Screenwriter Peter Morgan Abstract   PDF   HTML
Julia Lajta-Novak, Werner Huber
Vol 2 (2013): EJLW “Belonging” in Post-Communist Europe: Strategies of Representations in Kapka Kassabova's Street without a Name Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gabriele M. Linke
Vol 4 (2015) “I did not mean to make away with the child, I did not know what I was about”: Autobiographical Traces of Infanticide in Eighteenth-Century Trial Records Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sonja Boon
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