Journal History

The European Journal of Life Writing (EJLW) was founded by the European Chapter of the International Auto/Biography Association, in 2010. Its first issue was published in the autumn of 2012. The EJLW is an international, peer reviewed e-journal, focusing on articles about life writing in or about Europe. The members of the Editorial Board are: Em. Prof. Dr. Timothy Ashplant (Great Britain), Prof. Dr. Clare Brant (King’s College London, Great Britain), Dr. Tobias Heinrich (University of Kent, Great Britain), Dr. Laita-Noval (University Salzburg, Austria), Dr. Leena Kurvet-Käosaar (University of Tartu, Estonia), Prof. Dr. Tiina Sohvi Kinnunen, (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Dr. Petra van Langen (Journal Manager), Dr. Ioana Luca (University Taiwan), Prof. Dr. Kirsti Niskanen (University Stockholm, Sweden), Prof. Dr. Christian Moser (University Bonn, Germany), Dr. Anneke Ribberink (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Prof. Dr. Angelika Schaser (University Hamburg, Germany), Dr. Monica Soeting (Journal Manager) Dr. Regine Strätling (Free University Berlin, Germany) and Dr. Marco de Waard (University College Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Members of the Advisory Board of EJLW include: Prof. Dr. Alfred Hornung (University Mainz, Germany) Prof. Dr. Franziska Gygax (University Basel, Switzerland) Prof. Dr. Lisbeth Larsen (Univerity of Gothenburg, Sweden) Prof. Dr. Philippe Lejeune (Paris, France) and Prof. Dr. Susan Legene (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands).