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Lyons, Martyn, University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)


Martens, Lorna, University of Virginia (United States)
McNeill, Laurie, University of British Columbia (Canada)
McVeigh, Jane, University of Roehampton (United Kingdom)
Miller, Andrew, Flinders University of South Australia (Australia)
Mills Jeansonne, Christie, Louisiana State University (United States)
Moenandar, Sjoerd-Jeroen, Avans Hogeschool, Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC) (Netherlands)
Moos, Merilyn (United Kingdom)
Mreijen, Anne-Marie, Huygens ING (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) (Netherlands)
Mreijen, Anne-Marie, University Utrecht (Netherlands)


Niskanen, Kirsti, University of Stockholm (Sweden)


Oprel, Marieke, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Ortiz-Vilarelle, Lisa, The College of New Jersey (United States)
Osterle, David, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the History and Theory of Biography (Austria)


Parnell, Jo Annette, Unuiversity of Newcastle Australia (Australia)
Parnell, Jo (Joan-) Annette, University of Newcastle Australia (Australia)
Paynter, Eleanor, Ohio State University (United States)
Ponsard, Nathalie, Université Clermont Auvergne (France)
Popkin, Jeremy, University of Kentucky (United States)
Prade-Weiss, Juliane, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Pratt, Kenneth, School of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of The West of Scotland (United Kingdom)


Radulescu, Domnica, Washington and Lee University (United States)
Rak, Julie, University of Alberta (Canada)
Rasch, Astrid, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Raskauskiene, Audrone, Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania)

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