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The Pedagogical Potential of Story: Life Writing, Composition, and Blended Scholarship Call for Proposals, Amy E. Robillard and D. Shane Combs, Editors


We live in what some have called the Golden Age of the Essay. We’ve been living for years in a bona fide memoir boom. Yet for far too long in composition studies, scholars have positioned themselves on either side of a debate that pits academic writing against personal writing and, as a result, we have not accessed even a fraction of the potential offered by narrative theory generally and life writing specifically. The debate itself, we might say, has been the most significant barrier to our seeing the value of this work, as it sends people running to the safety of either a rules-based professionalism or the alleged freedom of personal writing. For this collection, we invite work that leaves this debate behind and instead imagines the agentive potential of story: how do stories act in our lives to direct our attention, to teach us what to value, what to believe, what to suspect, and what to do and not to do? What we should take seriously and what we should dismiss? How, in short, do stories teach us how to live?

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Vol 6 (2017): EJLW

Table of Contents


Reassembling Documents of Life in the Archive PDF HTML
Maria Tamboukou 1-19
Finding a Tongue: Autobiography Beyond Definition PDF HTML
Juliane Prade-Weiss 20-39
Exploring the Nature of the Dialogical Self: The Young Widow Memoir PDF HTML
Katrin Den Elzen 40-61
Coming to One's Senses: Diaries and the Materiality of Mourning in Sophie Calle's Rachel, Monique PDF HTML
Sonia Catherine Wilson 62-86
Recent Zones of Portraiture: The Selfie PDF HTML
Teresa Bruś 87-100
Tiny symbols tell big stories. Naming and concealing masturbation in diaries (1660-1940) PDF HTML
Leonieke Vermeer 101-134
The Spaces of Citizenship: Mapping Personal and Colonial Histories in Contemporary Italy in Igiaba Scego’s La Mia Casa È Dove Sono (My Home is Where I Am) PDF HTML
Eleanor Paynter 135-153
Ethics and Dialogue in Autobiography: The Cases of Vitomil Zupan and Lojze Kovačič PDF HTML
Andreas Leben 154-173
To Leave Your Kindred and Your Father’s House. Contemporary Dutch Christian Border Narratives PDF HTML
Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar, Krina Huisman 174-196
“A woman should not be so cheap” The Prostitute as a Constructed Other in Estonian Post-Soviet Life Stories PDF HTML
Riikka Taavetti 197-217

Creative Matters

Bill: A Portrait of Discontinuties PDF HTML
Arthur Halliday C1-C10

Reviews and Reports

Moscow Interdisciplinary Conference on Autobiography PDF HTML
Thomas Rollings R1-R5
Arbeit ist das halbe Leben… PDF HTML
Sarah Herbe R6-R12
The Diary of Heinrich Witt PDF HTML
Angelika Schaser R13-R19