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Europe and Refugees: Transformed Together


The refugee crisis facing Europe involves millions of people in dangerous forms of transit. Displaced, dispossessed and traumatised, refugees leave behind lives they know to face uncertain futures. Media reports refer to ‘waves’ of people arriving: in this sea of troubles, many have stories to tell. 

From a life writing perspective, these stories raise urgent questions.

What forms of listening are meaningful to those telling? What pressures on identity do refugee experiences foreground? What influences affect refugee stories – often shaped in relation to digital impressions about destinations - and what must refugees navigate in order to reach safety? What languages, literal and figurative, affect their transition from one life to another? How can the academic community help narratives and personal accounts from becoming stereotypes? How does the verbal and visual language around refugees contribute to their difficulties?

The European Journal of Life Writing invites anybody currently working with refugees or on projects that involve stories of escape and migration, or anybody interested in such initiatives to share ideas and experiences concerning refugee life writing.


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Vol 5 (2016): EJLW

Table of Contents


The Stranger in the Self. Hofmannsthal’s Relationship to Jewishness PDF HTML
David Österle 1-12
A Demythologized Auto/Biography: Beginnings and Evolution of Metabiography in Feminine Postmodern Fiction PDF HTML
Souhir Zekri 13-35
Beyond the Subject – towards the Object? Nancy K. Miller’s What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past (2011) and the Materiality of Life Writing PDF HTML
Anne Rueggemeier 36-54
"Proper” Profiles. On Facebook’s investment in the autobiographical genre. PDF HTML
Susanne Fuchs 55-74

Creative Matters

Small Talk PDF HTML
Marjorie Kanter C1-C35

Reviews and Reports

Fans of the Archive: Reading Fan Letters in Richmal Crompton's Archive PDF HTML
Jane McVeigh R1-R2