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Call for Papers: Auto/Biographies of Politicians in Modern European History to be published in the European Journal of Life Writing


Politicians all over Europe used and use to write about their lives. Classical autobiographies written by politicians themselves (and their co-authors or ghost-writers) are published widely. Often the autobiographers intend to contribute to political and historical analyses. Life writing has changed and diversified rapidly during the 20th century, taking place not only in hard copy, but in many different media, like radio, film, television, blogs, and other new social media. So it seems a good moment to look how the genre of autobiography of politicians has changed during the 20th century.

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Vol 3 (2014): EJLW

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Table of Contents


Speaking the Self, Narratives on Srebrenica PDF HTML
Odile Heynders 1-22
When “Mixing Memory and Desire”: Imaginative Revisions and the Productive Power of Nostalgia in Rebecca Brown’s Oughtabiographies PDF HTML
Lies Xhonneux 23-43
Early Russian Autobiography: Old Texts, New Readings PDF HTML
Yury Zaretskiy 44-62

Creative Matters

Love Plus Anarchy PDF HTML
Heathcote Williams C1-C54
How I Lost My Memory and Never Got It Back PDF HTML
Domnica Radulescu C55-C59
1969: Stories into Music PDF HTML
Andrew Kupfer C60-C70
Am I Doing the Right Thing? PDF HTML
Maurizio Ascari C72-C87

Life Writing Trajectories in Post-1989 Eastern Europe

Deportation, Memory and the Self in Dalia Grinkevičiūtė’s Memoirs A Stolen Youth, A Stolen Homeland and Lithuanians by the Laptev Sea PDF HTML
Audrone Raskauskiene T1-T10
Narratives of Survival and the Politics of Memory PDF HTML
Vieda Skultans T11-T25

Reviews and Reports

Writing the Lives of the Poor PDF HTML
Timothy Ashplant R1-R6