Volume X, first cluster and articles


On behalf of the editorial board of the European Journal of Life Writing, we are very happy to announce that the EJLW has published the first cluster and articles of its tenth volume.

Maricel Oró-Piqueras, 'The Pain and Irony of Death in Julian Barnes’s Memoirs Nothing to Be Frightened Of and Levels of Life'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.36183

Amy Prendergast, 'A Winter in Bath, 1796–97: Life Writing and the Irish Adolescent Self'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37160

Cluster Mass Observation (1937-2017) and Life Writing

T.G. Ashplant, 'Mass Observation (1937-2017) and Life Writing: an Introduction'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37403

T.G. Ashplant, '"Subjective Cameras": Authorship, Form, and Interpretation of Mass Observation Life Writings'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37404

Dorothy Sheridan, 'Woven Tapestries: Dialogues and Dilemmas in Editing a Diary'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37405

Patricia and Robert Malcolmson, 'MO Diaries and Their Editors'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37406

James Hinton, 'Seven Late Twentieth-Century Lives: the Mass Observation Project and Life Writing'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.10.37407