New articles, clusters and book review


On behalf of the editorial board of the European Journal of Life Writing, we are very happy to announce that the EJLW has published 2 new articles, 2 new clusters and a new book review.


Nancy M. Arenberg, ‘Breaking the Silence: A Testimonial of Resistance to Jewish Invisibility in Simone Veil’s Une jeunesse au temps de la Shoah’.

Eveline Kilian, Migrating Objects and Wanderers between Worlds: Cosmopolitan Selves in Edmund de Waal’s The Hare with Amber Eyes’.  


Remembering Late Socialism

Agnieszka Mrozik and Anja Tippner, ‘Remembering Late Socialism in Autobiographical Novels and Autofictions from Central and Eastern Europe: Introduction’.

Agnieszka Mrozik, ‘Growing Up as a Girl in Late Socialist Poland: The Personal, the Political and Class in Feminist Quasi-Autobiographical Novels by Izabela Filipiak and Joanna Bator’.  

Anja Tippner, ‘”How it all turned out alright”: Autofiction as Memory Form in Irena Dousková’s Novels about Childhood and Youth in Post-1968 Czechoslovakia’.

Doris Mironescu and Andreea Mironescu, ‘Maximalist Autofiction, Surrealism and Late Socialism in Mircea Cărtărescu’s Solenoid’.

Ksenia Robbe, ‘Reanimating/Resisting Late Soviet Monstrosity: Generational Self-Reflection and Lessons of Responsibility in Alexei Ivanov’s Pischeblok [The Food Unit]’.

The Self in Verse

Johannes Görbert, Marie Lindskov Hansen and Jeffrey Charles Wolf, ‘The Self in Verse. Exploring Autobiographical Poetry. Editorial’.

Jutta Müller-Tamm, ‘The Mask in Verse. Imaginary Poets and Their Autobiographical Poetry (Jan Wagner, Die Eulenhasser in den Hallenhäusern)’.

Carmen Bonasera, ‘Bodies and self-disclosure in American female confessional poetry’.

Martin Kindermann, ‘Beyond the Threshold – Autobiography, Dialogic Interaction, and Conversion in Gerard Manley Hopkins’s and W. Abdullah Quilliam’s Poetry’.

Stefan Kjerkegaard, ‘A Lyrical ‘I’ Beyond Fiction. Yahya Hassan and Autobiographical Poetry in Denmark After Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle’.

Book review

Martyn Lyons, ‘Philippe Artières, Un Séminariste assassin: L’affaire Bladier, 1905’.