New cluster and book review


We are very happy to announce that the EJLW has published the new cluster ‘Beyond Boundaries' edited by Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer, Jane McVeigh and Monica Soeting, and a book review.


Beyond Boundaries

Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer, Jane McVeigh, Monica Soeting, ‘Beyond Boundaries. Authorship and Readership in Life Writing: Introduction’.

Marjolein Breems, ‘Tattoos Tell Stories: Children’s Literature Tattoos as a Form of Life Narrative’.

Hannah Fleming, ‘Virtual Reality Life Writing and Young Adult Media Practice’.

Lena Hoffmann, ‘Life Writing through Texts and Images – Picture books by Celebrities’.

Vanessa Joosen, ‘Writing when Young: Bart Moeyaert as a Young Adult Author’.

Anne Klomberg, ‘Stranger spaces: Embodiment, space and language in the collaborative life writing novel The Fortune Finder’.

Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer, ‘Voice and Silence in Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming’.

Anna Poletti, ‘Youth Life Writing, Networked Media, Climate Change: The Challenge of Testimony to the Future’.

Marleen Rensen, ‘New Female Role Models from Around the World: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’.

Beyond Boundaries. Creative Section

Jessica Sanfilippo-Schulz, ‘A Victorious Roman Holiday: Life Writing and Loving Beyond Boundaries’.

Book review

Alexandra Effe, ‘Yvonne Delhey, Rolf Parr and Kerstin Wilhelms (eds.), Autofiktion als Utopie // Autofiction as Utopia’.