Volume XI, first creative article and book reviews


On behalf of the editorial board of the European Journal of Life Writing, I am very happy to announce that the EJLW has published the first creative article and book reviews of its eleventh volume.

Mirja Maria Thiel, ‘Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man (2016-2018)’. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.11.38399

Catherine Brist, 'Babs Boter, Marleen Rensen, and Giles Scott-Smith (eds.), Unhinging the National Framework: Perspectives on Transnational Life Writing'.https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.11.38039

Malin Lidström Brock, 'Jennifer Cooke, Contemporary Feminist Life-Writing: The New Audacity'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.11.38362

Kathy Davis, 'Leigh Gilmore and Elizabeth Marshall, Wittnessing Girlhood. Toward an Intersectional Tradition of Life Writing'. https://doi.org/10.21827/ejlw.11.38365