New article, cluster and book reviews


On behalf of the editorial board of the European Journal of Life Writing, I am very happy to announce that the EJLW has published a new article, a new cluster and two new book reviews.


Emma-Louise Silva, ‘Continuity-in-Change in David Almond’s The Savage: Narrative Self-Shaping in Moments of Metanarrative’.

Cluster: When Does the Genius do the Chores? Knowledge, Auto/Biography and Gender

Johanna Gehmacher, Kirsti Niskanen and Katharina Prager, ‘Introduction: Knowledge Making, Everyday Life, and Gendered Scientific/Scholarly Personae’.

Donald L. Opitz, ‘Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick, Country House Science, and Personae for British Women in Science at the turn of the Twentieth Century’.

Kirsti Niskanen, ’ A life in science – marriage as an epistemic relationship and the joint scientific persona of Astri and John Runnström’.

Johanna Gehmacher, ‘Im/possible Careers. Gendered Perspectives on Scholarly Personae around 1900’.

Christopher Burke and Günther Sandner, ‘Marie Reidemeister and Otto Neurath: interwoven lives and work’.

Katharina Prager, ‘Editing a Scholarly Persona in the New Field of Women’s History – Gerda Lerner’s Integrations and Taboos’.

Book review

Sara Strauss, ‘Elizabeth Grubgeld, Disability and Life Writing in Post-Independence Ireland’.

Tobias Heinrich, ‘Katja Herges and Elisabeth Krimmer (eds.), Contested Selves: Life Writing and German Culture’.