Vacancy: Journal Manager


Dear Reader,

Due to the imminent departure of our longstanding Journal Manager, the Board of Trustees of the European Journal of Life Writing (EJLW) is inviting applications for this position. Together with the assistant journal manager and the manager of the book reviews, the new journal manager will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the journal.

The job of journal manager includes:

  • Managing the production process, from the submission of articles until publication;
  • Communicating with authors, editors, external reviewers and our publisher (University of Groningen Press);
  • The lay-out of the publications;
  •  Uploading the finalized articles to the website of the EJLW;
  •  Meeting approximately four times a year (live and/or online) with the board of the EJLW in order to discuss the longer-term strategy and policies of the journal.

This is a volunteer job, for which an annual allowance of € 500 is available to cover expenses.

Applications may be sent before 1st May 2023 to Dr. Monica Soeting:, chair of the board of trustees of the EJLW.