CALL FOR PAPERS: The Multiple Lives of Memories: Materializing Experiences of Soviet Terror


The book explores these travels as processes of becoming, which reflect productive entanglements
of the material, social, and discursive qualities in people’s experiences and memories with Soviet
repression and violence. By engaging with current discussions on mediation (e.g. Erll & Rigney 2009;
De Cesari & Rigney 2014), reception (e.g. Sindbæk Andersen & Törnquist-Plewa 2017; Etkind 2013),
life writing and life storying (Gilmore 2001; Adler 2002; Merridale 2000; Šukys 2017), and materiality
(Hirsch 2012; Miller 2011) in (cultural) memory studies and beyond, the collection of articles aims to
open new perspectives on the multiple lives of memories, and who and what gets to remember and
be remembered. Through this focus, this collection contributes fresh methodological perspectives to
the study of Soviet Terror.
We invite article proposals (approx. 500 words) addressing the theme of the book to be sent to the
editors (; by May 15th, 2021. The
proposals should describe the case study, research materials, and methodological framework of the
planned article, along with a short biographical statement. Prospective contributors will be informed
of decisions by June 1st, 2021. The deadline for the first version of article manuscripts is December
1st, 2021. The book proposal will be sent with abstracts to an international academic publisher in September 2021 and the collection of articles will be sent for peer review in Spring 2022.

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