Creative Matters

Sonnets for a City on a Hill


  • Paul Scott Derrick Universitat de València



One factor – one among many – that lends a work of art dynamism and interest is tension. Both the making and the reading of poems can be thought of as dynamic processes. Processes that begin with the gradual discovery of their own obstacles and, in finding satisfactory ways to overcome them, achieve completion by integrating resolved conflicts into an expanded field of understanding.

Author Biography

Paul Scott Derrick, Universitat de València

A native of South Carolina, Paul Scott Derrick has lived in Valencia, Spain, for the last 31 years and has taught at the University of Valencia, where he is a Senior Lecturer in American literature, since 1989. His main field of interest encompasses Romanticism and American Transcendentalism and their influences on subsequent artistic and intellectual manifestations of the 20th and 21st centuries. His critical essays, translations and poems have appeared in various American and Spanish journals since 1983 and, more recently, in several electronic publications. He is currently preparing a critical study and translation of Emily Dickinson’s Fascicles 2–5.





Creative Matters