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  • Maurizio Ascari University of Bologna



This article describes the genesis of Faded Letters, a novel that is rooted in real facts, notably, tracing the fate of Antonio Ascari, who was deported to Germany in 1944 as a forced labourer and died in Lublin in 1945, while fleeing from Germany with other Italian prisoners.

Author Biography

Maurizio Ascari, University of Bologna

Maurizio Ascari is a senior lecturer in English Literature at the University of Bologna (Italy). His recent publications include books and essays on crime fiction (A Counter-History of Crime Fiction, 2007), transcultural literature (Literature of the Global Age, 2011) and interart exchanges (Cinema and the Imagination in Katherine Mansfield’s Writing, 2014). He has also edited and translated works by Henry James, Katherine Mansfield, William Faulkner, Jack London and William Wilkie Collins. Faded Letters (Patrician Press, 2013) is his first fictional work.





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