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How I Lost My Memory and Never Got It Back


  • Domnica Radulescu Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia



This piece is a cross over memoir writing / short story that could also qualify as exilic writing. It emerges from my own experience of immigration and exile to the United States and in particular it tells the story of my last day in my native country of Romania before my escape in 1983. It also recounts  the wrenching episode of my passing through customs and leaving my country forever on a plane to Rome. The essay is about memory, the trauma of exile and the troubled journey of recerating myself as an immigrant straddling two different countries and cultures.

Author Biography

Domnica Radulescu, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia

I am a professor of French and Italian literature, theatre, women's and gender studies at Washington and Lee University. I am also a fiction writer and playwright.





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