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Love Plus Anarchy

  • Heathcote Williams
Keywords: Poetry, images


Here’s something to offend everyone – which should make us think about grounds of taking offence. In an invitation to self-reflect, Heathcote Williams' poems ask more of readers than usual: it’s part of what makes them so interesting for life writing.

Author Biography

Heathcote Williams
Actor, fire-eater, magician, poet, painter, playwright, sculptor, film-maker – Heathcote William's polymath life whirls around different arts without losing a core and recognisable identity. Maybe he makes one out of the whirling, an uncommon art. One might also describe him as endlessly inventive, a stirrer-up of the complacent, a magnificent railer against monarchy, an eloquent denouncer of imperialism, a revolutionary who challenges even the conventions of subversion and who leaves no familiarity unturned. Award-winning and acclaimed, it can be uncomfortable reading, His work is also funny, clever, trenchant, bold, uncompromising, passionate, jaw-droppingly provocative and so agile in critique it is acrobatic.
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