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Europe’s Treasure Hunters. The Founding of a Network of European Diary Archives and Collections

  • Philippe Lejeune L'Association pour l'autobiographie et le Patrimoine Autobiographique
Keywords: European Network of Diary Archives and Collections (EDAC)


Amsterdam, June 5, 2015. About fifteen people from autobiographical archives throughout Europe have come together at the Meertens Institute, which houses the Nederlands Dagboekarchief, founded in 2010 by Mirjam Nieboer and Monica Soeting.  We are in Amsterdam to found a network of European diary archives and collections. At first introductions are made. What the seven archives represented here share is not merely that they possess autobiographical documents (that would be commonplace). Their collections are solely dedicated to autobiographical writings by ordinary people, from past and present.


This article was submitted to the European Journal of Life Writing in August 2015 and published in October 2015.

Reviews and Reports