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Review of Mapping the 'I'


  • Sarah Herbe Department of English and American Studies, University of Salzburg





The volume Mapping the ‘I’: Research on Self-Narratives in Germany and Switzerland deserves attention in a journal on European Life Writing: it makes results of research projects, book projects, articles originally published in German (and in one case, Italian) as well as MA and PhD theses conducted in Switzerland and Germany accessible to a wider, non-German speaking academic community. The essays, all of them written by historians, cover a wide field of self-narratives written in Germany and Switzerland (though not necessarily in German), with a temporal range from the late Middle Ages to the late nineteenth century. They address such diverse genres as the family book, courtly correspondence or suicide notes.


This article was submitted to the European Journal of Life Writing on 2 September 2015 and published on 15 December 2015.

Author Biography

Sarah Herbe, Department of English and American Studies, University of Salzburg

Sarah Herbe ( is an Elise Richter Research Fellow (Austrian Science Fund) at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Salzburg. In the framework of her habilitation project she examines paratextual life writing in 17th and 18th-century poetry collections. Recent publications include a journal article on Thomas Beedome (2014), the monograph Characters in New British Hard Science Fiction (Winter, 2012), and the edited volume Life Course Models in Literary Genres (Winter, 2011). Forthcoming publications include a book chapter on Dryden’s prefatory essays. In 2011, she won the “Award for Excellent Teaching” of the University of Salzburg for a seminar on “Women’s Life Writing.”





Reviews and Reports