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Report on the Inaugural Asia-Pacific Chapter Conference


  • Jo Annette Parnell University of Newcastle Australia



IABA Asia-Pacific Chapter


“Locating Lives”: The Inaugural Conference for the International Auto/Biography Association (IABA) Asia-Pacific Chapter took place at the Flinders University City Campus, Adelaide, South Australia, 1-3 December, 2015.

The IABA Asia-Pacific Chapter stems from the central disciplinary association for auto-biography scholars, the International Auto/ Biography Association (IABA World), which is a multidisciplinary network that aims to foster the cross-cultural understanding of self and identity and location, and promote global dialogues about life writing/narrative. The IABA Asia-Pacific Chapter conference follows on from the successful IABA Americas and IABA European Chapters’ conferences, and aims to stimulate and promote new region-specific conversations and encourage regional participation in the IABA World conference. The goal of IABA Asia-Pacific is to develop scholarly networks between life narrative scholars and writers in the Asia-Pacific region to assist and support the practices of high-quality life narrative theory, practice, and pedagogy in the region (see IABA Asia-Pacific | International Auto/ Biography … ). 

This article was submitted on May 7th 2016, and published on October 14th, 2016. 

Author Biography

Jo Annette Parnell, University of Newcastle Australia

Jo Parnell holds a PhD in English and Writing, from the University of Newcastle, Australia, where she is a Conjoint Fellow to the Faculty of Education and the Arts, School of Humanities and Social Science. As well, Jo is a reviewer on the editorial board of the journal Auto/Fiction.







Reviews and Reports