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Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe, Part IIYvonne DelheyRadboud University Nijmegen
Dennis KerstenRadboud University Nijmegen
Anne-Marie MreijenHuygens ING (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences)

The cluster “Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe” was started off in the 2015 volume of the European Journal of Life Writing by inviting Marilyn Zucker, a North American teacher of life writing, to share her experiences teaching life writing classes in Europe, which she did in 2010 at the University of Lisbon. In “‘Memory to Ink’: Autobiography Project in Portugal” Zucker not only reflected on the differences between teaching life writing classes at North American Universities on the one hand and European universities on the other, but also offered useful practical advice. Next, we organised a workshop at the fifth IABA Europe Conference in London in June 2017, organised by the Centre for Life Writing Research at King’s College London. We invited five speakers: Isabel Durán Giménez-Rico (Universidad Complutense Madrid), Laurie McNeill (University of British Columbia), Jane McVeigh (University of Roehampton) and Sarah Herbe (Universität Salzburg), who discussed their experiences with the teaching of life writing classes, and addressed questions like how to design a course about life writing that logically builds on and follows from your students’ knowledge, expertise and reading experience and do justice to current research as well—questions we mentioned in the Introduction to this cluster in the European Journal of Life Writing in 2015.

In this 2018 volume of the European Journal of Life Writing, we present several articles based on the papers presented at the IABA Europe Conference at King’s College London in 2017, next to an article by Marijke Huisman, a reworked version of a paper she delivered at another session of the 2017 IABA Europe Conference.

We are constantly aiming to set up a network of teachers and continue organising meetings during the bi-annual IABA Europe conferences. Inviting all of you who teach life writing classes in Europe to share your experiences with us, we look forward to a continuing fruitful exchange of experiences and advice on the matter of teaching life writing in Europe. Please send your articles, with a maximum of 2500 words, to: .


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