Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe

Teaching Wikipedia Biography: An Experiment in Public History

  • Marijke Huisman Utrecht University
Keywords: Teaching Life Writing


Teaching Life Writing, Part II

Author Biography

Marijke Huisman, Utrecht University

Marijke Huisman is Assistant Professor of Public History in the Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She is co-founder and board member of IABA Europe, the European branch of the
International Auto/Biography Association, and has co-edited Life Writing Matters in Europe (Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2012). Her research interests focus on auto/biographical representations of the past, and on the relationships between public and academic forms of doing history. Her latest book project (2015) analysed the use of slave narratives in public and academic debates on slavery, its
legacy and history in Great Britain, the US, and the Netherlands between 1789 and 2013. E-mail: m.h.huisman@uu.nl.

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe