Digital Media: Life-Changing Online

Digital Media: Life-Changing Online. Introduction


  • Clare Brant King's College, London
  • Rob Gallagher King's College, London



power, agencies, stories, mediatization, capital


This special issue follows on from the IABA Europe 2017 conference held at King’s College London hosted by the Ego-Media research group and the Centre for Life-Writing Research, who thank everyone who contributed. The conference theme was “Life Writing, Europe and New Media”: anodyne terms, in the interests of inclusivity, yet their congruence raises some big questions. Is the term life writing sufficiently able to absorb digital and social media as part of its assumed domain? How do offline and online forms of life writing relate to each other? In a global internet age, what if anything is specific to Europe or European practices? And, agonisingly for the hosts in the wake of Brexit, in what ways is it possible for Britain to persist in being European?





Digital Media: Life-Changing Online