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Yumi Sakugawa's Instagram Account and Erika Lust's Erotic Films


  • Emma Maguire James Cook University, Australia



Yumi Sakugawa is an illustrator and comics artist based in Los Angeles and she has been using her Instagram account to experiment with digital self-help. These experiments build on Sakugawa’s previous work in print comics and her millennial guides to improving the self, such as Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the  Universe (2014) and the Little Book of Life Hacks (2017). She uses smartphone tools like note-taking and messaging apps to create mindfulness and meditation exercises, delivered on the platform of Instagram.  

Erika Lust makes multi-lingual erotic films using a sex-positive feminist approach and is based in Barcelona.  What I’m really interested in, in terms of life narrative, is her XConfessions series. XConfessions is built around a  forum-based online community in which women share their fantasies. Lust then turns these fantasies into erotic films. Lust makes women’s sexuality, experience and desire the center of her filmmaking practice, and she adapts the confessional mode for feminist and commercial purposes.



Author Biography

Emma Maguire, James Cook University, Australia

Emma Maguire is a Lecturer in English and Writing at James Cook University where she teaches life writing and creative writing. She researches gender and autobiography online. Her book, Girls, Autobiography, Media: Gender and Self-Mediation in Digital Economies is out now with Palgrave Macmillan. Her research has also been published in a/b: Autobiography StudiesBiography, Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian LiteratureProse Studies, and M/C Media/Culture Journal. You can reach her at





Digital Media: Life-Changing Online. Creative Section