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What We Wore and Sketchfab


  • Rob Gallagher King's College, London


Maintained by photographer and curator Nina Manandhar, What We Wore describes itself as ‘a people’s style history of Britain’. I first encountered it on Tumblr, but in the past five years the project has spread to other social media platforms, spawned a coffee table book, exhibitions and workshops and given rise to spin-off devoted to the sartorial history of London’s seedily bohemian Soho. In a sense, its appeal is straightforward:
other people’s photo albums always contain marvels, and the stories and images collected here are often fantastically evocative.
This link leads to a profile page on Sketchfab, a database of 3D models and animation files. The files hosted there are the result of a collaboration between artist Janina Lange and King’s College London’s
Strandlines project.

Author Biography

Rob Gallagher, King's College, London

Rob Gallagher is a postdoctoral researcher with King’s College London’s ego-Media project, which considers the role of digital technologies in fostering new forms of life narrative, modes of self-presentation and conceptions of identity.His research has appeared in journals such as Film Theory,Game StudiesConver-gence and Games and Culture. He is the author of Videogames, Identity and Digital Subjectivity (Routledge, 2017).  email:    





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