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Elena Ferrante in The Guardian and Roads and Kingdoms


  • Alisa Miller King's College London


Abstract Elena Ferrante has, in recent years, become a sensation in the UK—and internationally—as readers discover her writings, particularly her Neapolitan quartet of novels. These focus on the lives of two women: their relationships with their city, families, friends, co-workers and, most importantly, one another. For some time after the novels became available in English in late 2012, many conversations about books, or life and culture in general, would circle around the question: ‘Have you read My Brilliant Friend…?’ Roads and Kingdoms is a travel website and online publication. In some ways it fits standard expectations of the genre, offering up city guides and more general recommendations about the best places to eat and stay. But the longer articles, commissioned from writers based around the world who approach their subjects from a variety of creative narrative angles, are unusually nuanced and reflective.

Author Biography

Alisa Miller, King's College London

Alisa Miller is based in the English Department at King’s College London, where she is Research Associate and Project Manager for the ERCfunded Ego-Media and Beyond Enemy Lines. Her research focuses on the comparative development of war cultures in twentieth and twenty-first century Europe and the United States, looking at how evolving literary networks—utilizing different forms of media and technology—influence political discourses and perceptions of violence. Some recent publications include Rupert Brooke in the First World War (Clemson and Liverpool University Press, 2017) and ‘Modern War and Aesthetic Mobilisation: Looking at Europe in 1914’ in the British Journal of Military History (2016) Email:





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