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Spare Rib and Underwater Livecams


  • Clare Brant King's College, London


Digital citizens of the future may have sorted a gender politics which works for everybody. A utopian hope, yes; in case not, and in any case, I would want them to know that in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, there was a worldwide women’s movement full of daring thinkers and brave activists. So often history is written by the victors; web resources at least prolong the availability of alternative versions. What’s known as second wave feminism worked largely through print and word of mouth, but is now partially recuperable through podcasts, oral history and digital archives. Spare Ribe was a polemical, practical monthly magazine published in Britain from 1972 to 1993. It’s available again, newly digitised at the British Library. 
Underwater Livecams. 
I like to imagine that future netizens will know more about the oceans than we do. But they should know that some of their predecessors are passionately curious about life underwater, and that there were webcams which livestreamed from depths no human had seen before.

Author Biography

Clare Brant, King's College, London

Clare Brant is Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture at King’s College London where she also co-directs the Centre for Life-Writing Research. She has published widely (and hopefully deeply) on literature, culture and gender. Her most recent book was Balloon Madness: Flights of Imagination in Britain, 1783 –1786 (Boydell 2017). She co-edits the Palgrave series Studies in Life Writing, and is an editor on the European Journal of Life Writing. She was a Co-Investigator on the European Research Council-funded Ego Mediaproject at KCL (2014–2019). Her fourth collection of poems will be published by Shoestring Press in 2020. Email:    





Digital Media: Life-Changing Online. Creative Section