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My Poyln


  • Marcel Herbst Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich



Photography, Holocaust and its reception, historiography, family history, biography


The note of My Poyln was written as an introduction to a planned photography book regarding a Jewish past that is cleansed from its erstwhile meaning, desolated, and mourned. The thrust to research and photograph a former time grew slowly, over many years. My reading of the Holocaust is one of grief about the denial of the past (and a more humane future) and the lost cross-ethnic, rich culture. That theme I follow in writing and photography—next to my more normal concerns relating to more mundane matters—see:

Author Biography

Marcel Herbst, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

Marcel Herbst is a retired higher education manager of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. He had studied architecture and city planning in Germany, and sociology, mathematical economics, operations research, and regional planning in the US—where he also taught. After working some years in a large engineering company, he joined ETH Zürich to head its Office of Planning & Development. He served in professional organizations and authored or edited a range of books and publications, among them Financing Public Universities: The Case of Performance Funding (Springer 2007) and The Institution of Science & the Science of Institutions: The Legacy of Joseph Ben-David (Springer 2014). Email:





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