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A View to Distant Hills: Essaying a Grievous Self


  • Myna Trustram Manchester School of Art



Landscape, grief, Philips Koninck, Samuel Fyzee-Rahamin


This is a personal essay that attempts (essays) to understand my repeated contemplation of two landscape paintings in the wake of a bereavement. I have gathered together into a fragmented narrative thoughts and impressions provoked by the paintings and by readings of poetry (Czeslaw Milosz), fiction (Samuel Beckett) and psychoanalysis (Marion Milner and D.W. Winnicott). There is no closure or conclusion to the essay since grief is open and perennial.

Author Biography

Myna Trustram, Manchester School of Art

Myna Trustram worked for many years as a curator in museums and galleries in England. Now she is a member of the Manchester School of Art in Manchester Metropolitan University where she runs the training programme for arts and humanities PhD students. She is the author of scholarly publications in museology and British nineteenth century social history (Women of the Regiment: Marriage and the Victorian Army, Cambridge University Press, 1984). Currently she writes experimental essays in response to loss and material culture and informed by psychoanalysis. Email:





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