Beyond Boundaries

Virtual Reality Life Writing and Young Adult Media Practice


  • Hannah Fleming University of Glasgow



virtual reality, digital life writing, young adult literature


This article investigates the impact of digital technologies on the production of life writing texts and media for and by young adults. Five categories in total are examined: (i) Fan Fiction, (ii) life simulator games, (iii) SNS (social networking sites), (iv) VR (virtual reality) documentaries and (v) Webtoons. The article begins by synthesising numerous critical studies on children’s and digital life writing, before analysing two IVR (immersive virtual reality) documentaries in depth. It concludes by discussing the relationship between these on-the-go, online and immersive VR modes and fantasised futures, narratives of extremity and the slice of life genre.

Author Biography

Hannah Fleming, University of Glasgow

Hannah Fleming holds an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture, jointly awarded by the University of Glasgow, Aarhus University and Tilburg University (2019-2021). Her research interests lie in graphic novels, young adult literature and digital media. Her master’s degree thesis focused on the adaptation of graphic novels into audiobooks.





Beyond Boundaries