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Élise Hugueny-Léger, Projections de soi. Identités et images en mouvement dans l'autofiction


  • Maaike Koffeman Radboud University



Book review


Playing on the double meaning of the word projection, this book explores the multiple relationships between the French literary genre of autofiction and the moving image. Élise Hugueny-Léger, a researcher of contemporary French literature and a specialist of the work of Annie Ernaux, departs from the idea that autofictional writing is a form of psychological projection, wherein a self-image is being cast onto the page. In a more literal sense, the word projection refers to the cinematic technique of showing moving images on a screen. Several francophone authors known for their autofiction have also been involved in audiovisual productions, but earlier criticism has largely limited itself to studying their literary output. By addressing this rich and complex subject matter, Hugueny-Léger makes a valuable and original contribution to the field of francophone life-writing studies.





Reviews and Reports